Happy Mother’s Day

Today I had the privilege of watching my wonderful husband and my first born lead worship at our church’s satellite campus.  What a joy and blessing to watch my gorgeous daughter use her gifts to honor God and bless others in worship.   I am so unbelievably proud of her!  I believe one of the most important things you can do as a mother is teach your kids how to hear God’s voice and follow His leading (Deuteronomy 6: 5-9).  This is something I am still learning how to do for myself, but more than anything, I want my girls to live out the call placed on them by our Heavenly Father.  I want to be a good example to them of doing this.  I hope they see me doing the things God is nudging me to do.  I want them to see me in His Word and be a living example of a godly wife and mother.  We have conversations about what we feel God doing in our lives and what we feel He is asking us to do.  One night my oldest daughter was telling me how she felt God nudging her to text one of her teachers simply to say thank you for helping her class so much with an ACT prep class.  Another time, my youngest daughter told me at school she felt God leading her to “be nice” to a kid who is picked on and has very few friends.  These are the things I am so proud of my two wonderful daughters for! They do not know of the blessings that lay in store for them if they will continue to live life in this manner.


I am so blessed with a godly woman as my mother, and that I grew up with a foundation of faith.  The first time I truly heard God speak into my life was the night in between my first and second days of Freshman Orientation at the University of Kentucky.  I was overwhelmed to say the least.  I sat up all night rocking in my bed, crying out to God because I didn’t know how to process these feelings.  I just felt unsettled and unsure about what to do. Plans had already been set.  I had my dorm assignment, my class schedule, and everything was in motion.  But still, I couldn’t shake this feeling.  Finally, I heard God speak to my soul, “Don’t go”.  I immediately felt peace and was assured this was the right decision for me.  I woke up my mom and told her that I had been praying and what my decision was.  She never questioned me, never doubted that what I heard was from God.  She encouraged me to follow His lead, and has ever since.  Looking back, I know my life would have turned out so differently had I not listened to God that night.  He knew the plans HE had for me, and they were far better than I could have imagined.  And as I watched my husband and daughter on stage this morning I knew that those plans involved bringing my husband and me together.  I did go on and pursue my education in God’s timing, and It has been incredible to watch God work and weave His plan into my life.

My youngest daughter asked me once, “how do I know if I’m hearing from God or if it’s just my own thoughts?”.  I can’t say with 100% certainty either way, but here’s what helps me and how I helped guide her:

  • I usually get the same message multiple times from multiple sources.
  • Confirmation: I have asked God so many times to confirm what I think He may be saying and He has always been faithful in this!
  • Seek wise counsel.
  • Does it match God’s character and His word?

I’m not an expert on motherhood.  There are many more qualified women to speak on that topic.  But I am thankful God has chosen to entrust two beautiful young women in my care.  I want to wish my mom and all the mothers reading a very happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!  Leave a comment and share how you know you are hearing God’s voice, or how you guide your children in this area!  I would love to learn from you!  God bless!

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20 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Thank you for sharing this! It is hard to know if God is talking but I have found if I am not submerged in his word (I read a devotional book), I can get lost very easy! It’s hard to stay on track but simple messages like the one you just provided give me hope! God is good- all the time- even if we don’t see it at the time! So fortunate to have met you, Crystal! Keep these blogs coming!❤️

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  2. Beautiful family Crystal! What a blessing for your husband and daughter to lead worship together. Happy Mother’s Day!

    When listening for God’s voice, I make sure what I think I am hearing lines up with God’s written Word.

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  3. So beautifully said!!!
    I get messages too, and sometimes I take a few days before I realize I’ve been answered, not for what I’ve asked, but for what God has sent me. I believe my mom in Heaven intercedes for my behalf. Many nights I get out of bed, on my knees, cry and thank them for all they send to me. Happy Mother’s Day to our great mothers💕

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  4. You are so on target with this, Crystal! And our busy-ness can drown out God’s voice sometimes if we’re not quiet enough to hear; I always think of the phrase “If you miss God, then everybody misses out” and my great fear is that I’ll cause someone else to miss His blessing through my not listening. And what a good mama you’re being by teaching those lovely daughters to “have ears to hear”!

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    1. Thank you, Ginger! That’s a wonderful point you make, that our “not hearing” impacts others and not just ourselves. Thank you for your wisdom and all that you’ve done to help me “hear”. Love you!


  5. I’m expecting my first child and I’m so blessed that God has revealed himself to me. I know that with God in my life, I can teach my baby how to love Him! My child will grow to know God.

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    1. Absolutely! Congratulations and God bless you!!! Thank you for following me and taking the time to read my post. Allow God to lead you in motherhood and remember that He loves them even more than we can. 😊


  6. I agree that often God gives us the same message multiple times. But as in that night when you were seeking His will, sometimes He just gives us peace when we decide to obey what we believe Him to be saying. Sometimes I think He is telling me to go a certain way, but I’m not sure, so I ask Him, “Lord, is that You?” And immediate confirmation, that peace in my heart, lets me know for sure if it is. Because sometimes what He is telling me to do requires an immediate response. I’d rather do what I believe He is telling me to do and be mistaken than the other way around.

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    1. Yes, I believe He knows our hearts and that He knows we are trying to please Him and do His will. It’s so hard to know 100% sure (or it is for me sometimes). Thank you for your comment! And I want all of His peace I can get! 😊

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      1. Yes, amen! His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. But I think it is a journey on which we learn as we go. I think just like with everything else, the more we practice, the better we get at it. But it’s even more than that; we can wander away from Him and find that His voice is getting harder and harder to hear, till He comes to rescue us. We need to stay close to Him in humble obedience to hear Him more often.

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